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Our goal is to make education as accessible as possible for kids around the world through our free online videos, notes, and of course our online courses.

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Terry Wayburne | CodingKids Founder

Our Story: The Adventure

From Coder, to School, to Online Education.

Hi, my name is Terence Wayburne, and I head up CodingKids while also being the head teacher. I spent 5 years doing a Bachelors Degree and two Master Degrees in Business to realise I didnt like...well...business. To much of my parents confusion I decided to sit down and educate myself on how to code. This process to qualify myself in a new field was long and taxing, but ultimately rewarding.

After working 2 years in digital agencies I started my own agency, which I still run to this day. Around the same time I started a school, CodingKids. This has remained one of the best decisions of my career. I found a passion for teaching and developed a community of students who were keen to learn more and more. After nearly 4 years of operating the school I shut it down when I left the country to live in Sweden.

Now in Sweden I have been able to use my skills as a coder, and as a teacher, to offer an online platform with free videos (always building) and notes, so that everyone around the world can hopefully take something away.

In an ever evolving world, tech skills are proving to be more then an additional skill and more of a necessity. At CodingKids we want to make sure all have the ability to access some form of tech education so that they can participate in the world of tomorrow. Take a look around and enjoy the world of a programmer!


Founder of CodingKids

Making education accessible to all: Give it a go!

Online education is becoming a norm as we discover the power and ease of it. With technologies like Zoom, Skype, Google Meets paving the way forward people are looking for education that can be tailor made for them but doesn't cost an arm-and-a-leg!

We at CodingKids are professional front-end developer first with experience as teachers. With the world literally at our finger-tips these days, why not bring our knowledge to those around the world? Enjoy our online videos and notes, and take a look at our online class options.

The classes are flexible to fit your schedule and are made to fit your level and needs. Give it a go!

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