Private, semi-private, and group.

Sign up as a member and have the flexibility to join classes throughout your memebership.

All classes are conducted through Zoom or Google Meet.


Contact us via our email and organise private classes by the term.

per class

In private classes we will follow courses at your own pace and make sure the material is customised to suit your interests.

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Do you have 2-4 people you would like to set up a class with?

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Also paid by the term, semi-private classes still provide a customised education and you can bring your friends along too.

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This is a membership-based service with unlimited group classes available to you.

per month

Paid by the term: All-in-one price, this group membership allows you to join all of CodingKids' live streamed classes at your leisure.

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Family Plan

More then one person in the family interested? Take this plan!

per month

Pay $650 for the first family member, and an additional $250 for any member on top of this! Attend all classes.

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Based on W3Schools.

Following the documentation provided by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), CodingKids has built a curriculum to get students at a level to get certificates provided by W3schools in frontend development (HTML, CSS, JS).

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Game Development

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