Group Classes

Private, semi-private, and group.

Sign up as a member and have the flexibility to join classes throughout your memebership.


All at one price: Every class is available

How it works

If you choose to sign up for any type of class at CodingKids (Private, Semi-Private, or Group) you will be allowed to join any of the group classes on the one fee you pay. For the private and semi-private classes you are paying a premium to organise separate classes, however you still have access to all the group classes if you so wish to join.

For those who pay for the Group classes you also have access to all the available classes throughout the week. Some classes will be a level above or below your current ability but it is encouraged for you to attend anyway. The term schedule will be based on the Group Students who sign up every term. There will be at least 2 -4 classes a week available within your current level (one level up or down) to attend, so if you miss or cannot make a class there is always another for you to attend.

Family Plans

If you have more than one person in your family and you want to do the Group membership, you dont have to purchase multiples of the package. Family plan: HK$650 for the first member, and an additional $250 for every member after that. This way you can all enjoy as many classes as you would like throughout the term.

Getting Access

At the beginning of each term everyone will receive the passwords and details to join classes. Please do not share these with others.

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